Louis Vuitton Escale Assortment is now accessible on-line

Brands are trying to figure out how they can stay “open” and launch new products during this unprecedented global pandemic. While brick-and-mortar stores are closed, online stores remain open to most companies, and people have gone online for everything while we spend more time at home. From news to virtual parties with friends to online shopping. While many spend their online shopping looking for activities at home, household items, and small items to feel healthy, luxury brands will continue to offer what they do best: luxury.

There was some confusion when the much-vaunted and anticipated Louis Vuitton Escale Collection was released. There was talk of everything being postponed to June, but Louis Vuitton decided to now publish this collection online and to offer any soon available collector's item immediately.

The collection is defined by a tye-dye-like effect, either in a pastel-rainbow combination, a blue-white combination or a red-pink option. There is everything from bags to clothing to small accessories and some household items. Of course, some of the larger bags are the most in demand, like the Louis Vuitton Onthego, but there are small items at cheaper prices that are just as nice.

This collection is a happy memory of another time, a time when we will all leave our homes to feel the warm sun on our faces without worrying about getting this terrible virus, or vacation with family and friends where we can dine out and laugh and hug. You don't need this to feel like it, but man, I find this collection to deliver the right amount of luck in an otherwise turbulent time.

With all stores closed, the entire collection is currently online, so you may have more chances to purchase an otherwise hard-to-find item. At this point, most items can still be added to the shopping cart. Grab something now if you want a piece of this collection. Buy the entire Louis Vuitton Escale collection now.

Buy Louis Vuitton Escale Collection bags here


Louis Vuitton Escale Onthego GM
$ 2720


Louis Vuitton Escale Onthego GM Pastel
$ 2,720


Louis Vuitton Escale Skim Board
$ 1,970


Louis Vuitton Escale Clémence Notebook
$ 240


Louis Vuitton Escale Mini Pochette Accessories
$ 565


Louis Vuitton Escale Daily Confidential Bracelet
$ 315


Louis Vuitton Escale Speedy Bandoulière 30
$ 2,200


Louis Vuitton Pochette Kirigami
$ 1,020


Louis Vuitton Escale Keepall Bandoulière 50
$ 2,510


Louis Vuitton Escale Monogram Bucket Hat
$ 750


Louis Vuitton Escale 100ML travel case
$ 470


Louis Vuitton Escale Pochette Cosmetique
$ 535

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