High Hermès websites that maintain you busy throughout quarantine

Hello everyone! We are now until the sixtieth day … something in New York quarantine. My 16 year old writes music until 3:00 a.m. and FaceTimes his girlfriend around the clock; My 14 year old started an online business ( – and no, they are not completely custom). My husband goes to his empty office in case one of his patients has an emergency. My dog ​​takes us all goodies. and I learned how to draw exotic Birkins so I can still get my eyes on, even though I entered a boutique two months ago. I know we all try to stay healthy until life can be resumed, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite Hermès websites to keep you going for a few fun ones Busy hours.



Did you know that the Hermès website is online again? Yes, the US website has recently started operating as usual. Get scarves, ties, and housewares, or grab one of the lipsticks that were sold out when they were released in early March. Even better, if you check in frequently, you may be able to grab a rodeo or a mini-Lindy, both of which were recently discovered. As always, the inventory is updated regularly, so check it frequently. If you want to dive really deep, keep in mind that while you can only buy items from your home country's website, you can view them all. Simply click on the country name in the top right corner of your screen and you will be taken to another country's Hermès site. You can see what's on offer everywhere.


The PurseForum

Well, obviously this will be my number two. There is no website that is really more comprehensive, comprehensive and up-to-date than the Hermès sub-forum on tPF. With threads dedicated to prices, leathers, designs, shows, seasons, and every little thing you can imagine (and some you can't!), There's no better rabbit hole you can go under during quarantine, though You haven't already done so. Go for the content, stay for the mood: I've been a regular there for 13 years and the content is all user-generated. People who publish firsthand what they see, hear and buy, and even better, this sub-forum is largely drama-free. I've made lifelong friendships there, so that's why I'm writing here, so maybe I'm a little biased – but with good reason.


HSCI Photo Catalog

This is the HSCI Schal database, which is currently being migrated from the previous location of the website. HSCI (Hermès Scarf Collectors International) was a Hermès-themed Yahoo group that was quite active about 20 years ago (and yes, I was / am a member and donated a number of my photos to the website). We decided to create a photo catalog of all the shell designs, and originally we donated all of our photos – the website exploded from there. It is an incredible and fairly extensive database. You need to register, but it's free, there is no advertising, and as far as I know, your email address will not be used for anything. This was done 100% voluntarily and lovingly cared for by the incredible and tireless Denise B.



LeCrin is a resale site in Tokyo, Japan, but I don't list this website here for the bags on sale (although it is a lot of fun looking through the many bags and accessories they contain have on offer). The big attraction for me is the color and leather catalog, which is quite extensive, listing almost 65 different leather / bag materials (including spout materials) and about 230 different colors (some in multiple leathers).



I admit that I am not a big blog reader. For one thing, I probably already know what the blogger is talking about at Hermès. So when I see something that is really useful to me, it's worth my attention. Although this is a blog, the photos are the real value to me; This is my point of contact for quick leather color comparisons. While trying colors is easy enough for me, it can be a little difficult if I have to compare a few similar shades. In this case, I come here. Perhaps their color cards are known (I see them often on Pinterest) and they are grouped by subject (pastel, neutral, yellow, etc.). It also has a good custom color chart.


MaiTais Picture Book

I've known T for about as long as I've known someone related to Hermès, and their website is a regular stop for me. It's the only personal blog I've actually read. She has been blogging regularly since 2009. Of course, she's a great source of information on how to tie scarves – her recent post highlights Dr.'s many scarves and various knots. Deborah Birx – and she is also known for her scarf rings, pocket inserts and jewelry, but her lifestyle blog, which is noisy, but also includes travel, shopping, nature and good life, is like every time I read it a breath of fresh air and a short escape to Europe.


Auction Houses

Christie & # 39; s and Sotheby & # 39; s

The auction house websites are a great source of information and photos. If you do a simple Hermès search on the main page, you will find a variety of articles and links to upcoming and past auctions. These websites are also good for finding strange or unusual pieces. While most major auction houses have information and / or photos, Sotheby & # 39; s and Christie & # 39; s have the most resources available online.



There are many great accounts on Instagram. Using the right hashtags makes it easy to find what you're looking for. For pure visual inspiration, I like to look in the shop windows, so I'm looking for the Windows hashtags Leila Menchari and Hermès. For more real life inspiration I look at a variety of reports around the world including @hermes (of course!), @Thehermesworld, @hermes_community, @clubhermesparis, @ hermes.addict, @ hermes.reetzy and of course mine – @ The_Notorious_Pink and @purseblog. Don't forget the individual boutique sites that appear to be operated by most French boutiques, including @hermessevres and @hermes_gv.

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